Print Management and Fulfillment

Printing management and fulfillment are crucial to the on-time delivery of your printed materials. You can expect more than on-time delivery from APPi whether you require delivery of the entire job, multiple shipping locations or warehousing and fulfillment. APPi offers all of these services under one roof for your convenience.

Our Management and Fulfillment Department Offers:management-fulfillment

  • Professional Print Management Solutions
  • Temperature Controlled Warehousing Solutions
  • Professional Mailing Solutions
  • Distribution Services
  • Data Management Solutions
  • Packaging, Bar Coding and Labeling
  • Inventory Control and Order Fulfillment
  • Automated Tracking

What does Print Management Mean?

When it comes to short term or long-term warehousing, APPi has a storage solution created especially for you. Our temperature controlled print facility includes ample space to store all of your advertising and marketing materials and keep them safe and secure until it is time to distribute them.

We begin the commercial print process by assigning a number to each individual client item or product, and utilizing the latest Inventory Management software to enter it into our management system. Next, we carefully track the ordering pattern of each item to monitor individual usage and need, to determine an appropriate reorder level. Our inventory system automatically informs us when the reorder level is reached, prompting us to contact you the client,

Using a unique assortment of value-added benefits-such as our alliances with major freight carriers in order to provide customers with the best possible rates and services-we can handle the world-wide transportation needs of your products. For all International Shipments, we prepare all of the required customs documentation to ensure a smooth delivery as well as provide detailed tracking information.

APPi serves as a full-service commercial printing distribution center capable of managing all of our client’s fulfillment and distribution requirements. In addition to complete inventory management our inventory system allows us to provide clients with customizable reporting through our secure on-line client management center.

Contact APPi today to learn more about how our temperature controlled fulfillment solutions can help minimize your distribution costs, ensure prompt and accurate deliveries anywhere in the world, and ensure that your materials are properly managed, maintained and available when you need them.

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