Green Printing Services

Green Printing is not a recent development for APPi. APPi has been committed to sustainability for more than a decade, long before the current “go green” momentum. Below is a list of some of our environmentally friendly initiatives that have been in place for many years at APPi.

1.Green  Direct to plate systems (eliminating film
2.  100% Waste Paper recycling
3.  100% Aluminum Plate recycling
4.  Vegetable based inksZero VOC Inks
5.  Silver-Free Chemistry
6. 100% chemistry recycling
7. Alcohol-free press solutions
8. 100% Press wash recycling


Eco Friendly Printing Services

Eco PrintingFrom early on, APPi, has taken a leadership role in our corporate responsibility towards eco-friendly printing and its effects on the environment. In the pursuit of a combined effort to manage our planet’s resources and as an extension of our customers’ business practices, we know our involvement makes a difference.

We use paper from well-managed forests help to ensure that our paper is manufactured by companies who adhere to strict environmental and socio-economic standards. This also ensures that we are not contributing to deforestation of precious forests, habitat destruction, water pollution, displacement of indigenous people and wildlife that often accompanies improper logging.

APPi’s Green Initiative

To further our commitment we have invested in the adoption of 25 acres of Southern Coastal Plain Forest from The Nature Conservancy. These iconic trees that make up the Southern Coastal Plain Forests provide natural flood protection and resilience to climate change while sustaining black bears, migratory birds and rare wildlife, including more than 300 rare or endangered species.

Green HandEmbarking on a new decade allows us to take stock in our carbon footprint and how it affects our world and the planet we are leaving our children. We urge all of our business partners to get involved and make a difference now. I look forward to helping you develop individual plans that your company can execute so you may become a resource for your clients and a contributor to our global solutions. Actions are the cornerstone of integrity.

-John Beadel | APPi President

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