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APPi has earned the coveted Triple Certification as a “Green-Printer”. We are in a combined effort with three organizations FSC, SFI, and PEFC to manage our planet’s resources and as an extension of our customers business practices. We know our involvement makes a difference and are committed to strengthening our business relationships by furthering the awareness as well as promotion of these well established organizations. These certifications in the use and chain of custody of papers from well managed forests help to insure that our paper is manufactured by companies who adhere to strict environmental and socio-economic standards. This also ensures that we are not contributing to deforestation of precious forest, habitat destruction, and water pollution, displacement of indigenous people and wildlife that often accompanies improper logging. APPi is also a Gracol 7 Master Certified facility so we can ensure best practices when it comes to your superior color representation, print quality and predictability.

APPi has the following certifications:

GRACol 7 Master Certified

G7 Certification SealGRACol 7 is a tool-kit of standards, tips and answers to common printing and pre-press problems that have become the industry standards in quality press rooms across the country. The ‘G” refers to calibrating Gray values. The “7” refers to the seven primary colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, Green, and Blue. In addition, GRACol 7 will specify a definition for gray balance and recommend characterization data for commercial offset printing.

In addition to advancing quality standards and communication GRACol guidelines facilitate commercial printing “best practices” as well as reducing waste, and demonstrating a positive environmental impact.

APPi’s adherence to the GRACol 7 standards benefits our clients in the following ways:

Print Quality

Clients will be assured of consistent quality as a result of our being held to strict standards, including being monitored by the GRACol Committee. Our Certification is renewed annually.

Print Predictability

Print buyers that require consistency from multiple suppliers will now have the ability to print products nationally and be ensured that all pieces will look the same. Essentially, our customers will see the highest level of color accuracy and consistency on every job printed.

SFI Certified

sfiSustainable Forestry Initiative is a voluntary forestry standard developed and advanced by the Sustainable Forestry Board. Professional foresters, conservationists and scientists developed this comprehensive system of principles, objectives, performance measures and indicators that combines tree growing and harvesting with long-term protection of wildlife, plants, soil and water quality.

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FSC Certified

fscForest Stewardship Council set the threshold for defining good forest management around the world. Regional standards must also be developed to reflect local ecological, social and economic factors while adhering to FSC Principles and Criteria. For this reason, FSC supports the development of regional standards for use in certification assessments in that region.

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PEFC Certified

pefcThe Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification provides a framework for the development of mutual recognition for national or sub-national forest certification schemes that have been developed locally according to internationally recognized requirements for sustainable forest managements.

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