• Green Printing Services

    We care about the planet! APPi strives to reduce our carbon footprint while educating our clients on how to make a difference. Find out how we can help you go green with your printing needs while being cost effective..Read More…

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    Green Printing Services
  • Unique Printing Techniques

    APPi uses state of the art equipment along with unique printing techniques to capture what the industry would consider to be the best of the best. Find out how we can help you obtain these award winning results by implementing these same techniques on your next high-end printing project.Read More…

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    Unique Printing Techniques
  • Print Consulting

    APPi has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that is hard to come by in the printing industry. Our goal is to help guide you in the right direction and act as an extension of your company to maximise your efforts in the commercial printing industry. Ask us how we can take your project to the next level.Get a Free Consultation

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    Print Consulting
  • Offset Printing

    APPi offers premier offset printing services which result in a high end finished product. By using unique printing techniques and state of the art equipment, we capture the essence of your idea and turn it into printed material to excite your audience. See our commercial printing services to find out more.Read More…

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    Offset Printing
  • A Legacy of Quality and Service

    When clients come to APPi they expect only the best and we have consistently proven to each and every one of them that “The Best” is the only kind of work we are capable of doing. After all, it is not only their product and reputation that is being held up for all to see, it is very much ours also.Read More…

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    A Legacy of Quality and Service

Wide Format Printing Services


APPi Services

Commercial Printing Services
Commercial Printing

APPi uses unique printing techniques for your printing production to give you our Award Winning quality with timely delivery and excellent service.Read More…

Digital Printing Services
Digital Printing

APPi has a state of the art digital printing solution designed to make sure you have the best quality printed material on demand.

Read More…

Wide Format Printing Services
Large Format | Signage

Large Format prints create more impact and attract customers.

Read More…

Management and Fulfillment
Fulfillment | Management

APPi helps manage, fulfill and stock inventory from our 30,000 square foot facility based at our Miami Lakes, FL headquarters.

Read More…

Prepress and Graphic Services
Pre Press | Graphics

APPi has a complete Pre Press department that is well equipped to make sure your imaging is ready for print with the best quality available.Read More…

Green Printing Services
Green Printing

Learn about APPi’s Green Initiative to bring awareness on how going green with your print projects helps the enviornment.

Read More…

Print Marketing
Direct Mail

APPi specializes in providing a high quality direct mail services to assist in your advertising and marketing efforts.

Read More…

Promotional Products
Promotional & Branding Products

APPi has thousands of Promotional Products that have proven to be effective in your branding and marketing campaigns.

Read More…

Finishing and Bindery Services
Finishing | Bindery

APPi has a complete Finishing and Bindery department to take your printed material from start to completion with premium results.Read More…

APPi is a full service, high quality, offset and digital printer that takes pride in providing the best printing services. At APPi we have always lead the print industry in technology, new techniques and optimization of the print process. We always look for ways to stay ahead of the curve looking for the best possible solutions when it comes to your printing needs. APPi believes that providing exceptional customer service also means being an excellent printing resource for our clients. We make it easy for you to clearly understand the printing world by giving you tools to learn from along the way. APPi Services

We need to trust that our printer will provide us with the best service and quality every time. When you simply can't take chances with your printing, I recommend to go with the professionals who care at APPi.–Norwegian Cruise Line

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